Advanced Custom Fields: The Key to Modernizing Your Website

In an era of rapid technological changes and unpredictable competition, choosing the right web development tools becomes a crucial task. These tools should not only meet modern requirements but also ensure efficiency and flexibility. In this aspect, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) stands out as a key component in creating modern web projects.

Let’s compare popular website builders.:


It offers a convenient visual editor and a wide selection of ready-made blocks, but the following issues may arise with it.:

  1. Limitations in block creation: You may encounter restrictions in creating unique layouts.
  2. Adaptability issues: There may be difficulties with the appearance on mobile devices.
  3. Low loading speed: A large amount of code can slow down the website.
  4. SEO issues: Due to the generation of a large amount of code, the speed of site indexing by search engines may decrease.


WP Bakery (Visual Composer)

has its advantages but also has its disadvantages.:

  1. Complex interface: Requires some time to learn.
  2. Limitations in block creation: Sometimes it’s challenging to create exactly the layout you want.
  3. Low loading speed: Similarly to Elementor, it can slow down the website’s performance.
  4. SEO issues: The large amount of generated code can affect optimization for search engines.

What makes ACF so appealing to developers and website owners?

Now about the main thing, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF):

  1. Convenient admin panel for content management: Easily add and edit content without the need for complex interfaces.
  2. Pixel-perfect design implementation: You have full control over the display of your content.
  3. Full control over your website’s code: The ability to intervene in the page’s code for optimization purposes.
  4. Fast page loading: Thanks to code minimization, pages load faster.
  5. Best approach for SEO: Code minimization contributes to better indexing of the site by search engines.
  6. Doesn’t require developer support: You can easily manage the website without the help of a specialist.


Overall, using Advanced Custom Fields proves to be a much better choice compared to standard page builders as it provides greater flexibility, efficiency, and customization for your web project.